Property Management

Property Management

Rental management in Israel: a professional matter

The management of real estate in Israel requires strong skills.
Rigor, being organized, expertise in Israeli real estate law, knowledge of administrative nuances, knowledge of IT tools and a lot of energy, especially in case of conflict.
Above all, a good rental management requires an availability of every moment.
Becoming an owner of a property in Israel, an apartment in Tel Aviv or a house in Ashdod, means optimizing your chances of having a profitable real estate. But it also means being subject to many obligations, and, in fact, be exposed to costly consequences in case of failure. Like late payments or arrears which compromise the profitability of the rental investment.

The specialist in property management

Given the complexity of the real estate market in Israel, the proliferation of standards and increased risks, the use of a property manager for the rental management of your property in Israel becomes unavoidable.
His expertise, his close proximity and availability have many advantages:

  • Optimization and enhancement of the rental investment in Israel.
  • Compliance with legal obligations and administrative standards.
  • Selection of candidates for tenancy with examination of solvency.
  • Responsiveness and personalized real estate advice of an experienced firm.
  • Peace of mind; the trump card of property management

Bennaim Nadlan, property management agency in Israel

Bennaim Nadlan provides rental management of your apartment in Israel with confidence, privacy and transparency. A custom engagement, whether you live in Israel or abroad, whether you are an Israeli or a tourist, owning an apartment in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Ashdod or Jerusalem.

Our property management office is responsible for placing a tenant, ensuring his replacement and managing the transition by enforcing the dates of entrance and departure as well as the refurbishment of the apartment.

Preferred interface between landlord and tenant, Bennaim Nadlan ensures careful management of daily life:

  • Repairs / maintenance of the apartment
  • Collecting rents
  • Payment of invoices, if the apartment is vacant.
  • Annual municipality tax (Arnona) monthly condominium fees, electricity, water …;
  • Monitoring of paperwork payable by tenants if the apartment is rented.

Our motto: to ensure the profitability of your rental investment in Israel for a long-term. We are committed to faithfully serve your interests by a specific and detailed management mandate agreement. Contact us for more information on the rental management in Israel.

Rates of rental management in israel

  • Property management

    If the apartment is rented: 6% of the amount of annual rent + VAT
    If the apartment is vacant: 500 ILS / month + VAT

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